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How To Create Awesome Aerial Real Estate Photography

Aerial real estate photography is a great way to showcase the house’s architecture, lawn, and surrounding areas. The importance of aerial photos cannot be overstated for the marketing of real estate listing. They are an eye-catching opportunity that many people overlook in their quest to sell their homes. Whether you’re selling or buying a home these days, it has become necessary for agents and prospective homeowners alike to include impressive images from above. Aerial photographs provide more information about what you’ll see if you buy and helps build awareness on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Real estate listing with aerial photos tend to sell about 60% faster than those without.

Though helicopters and planes are used for aerial photos, we will mainly focus on aerial photography with drones, which is cheaper and versatile. Following is your guide to creating awesome Aerial Real Estate Photography:

Aerial Photography
The Right Drone

Choosing a drone can be daunting, with all the different models and features available. Suppose you’re considering buying a new drone. In that case, you’ll want to know which type of camera it has before making any decisions on price points or other specs. The most popular types of cameras are DSLR cameras, used by professional photographers (and some drones), and action cams like GoPro, mainly used by amateur photographers looking for more affordable options.
Real estate photography requires the best shots so that you will need a good camera. Once you have purchased a drone, you need to master flying and operating the camera. Drones are easy to use straight out of the box. However, they are expensive, and you do not want to lose one. For the best drones

Drone Photography real estate

Get your Drone License

A drone flying license is not required if you wish to take real estate photos as a hobby. However, if you want to turn your photography into a business, you will need a drone license. Find out how to get your license.

Know the weather forecast

If you’re a photographer, it’s essential to know the weather forecast before taking pictures. The quality of images largely depends on the light. For aerial photographs, it is vital to ensure there is no rain as most drones are not waterproof. A sunny day can turn into cloudy skies and rainy conditions in a matter of minutes if there is an impending storm. Windy conditions are also not optimal for aerial photography. So, make sure you watch the weather forecast before venturing out to take real estate photos.

The Right Angles

In photography, it’s always essential to take lots of different shots to get unique. When taking aerial real estate photos, it is also necessary to take multiple images from different angles to ensure the property looks its best. This is even more true when you’re shooting landscapes or objects in a way that will make them look amazing.
The photographer needs to get a sense of what perspective will show off the home or commercial building’s features and make people want to buy (or rent) it.

Post Processing

It would be best if you took as many shots as possible with different angles and perspectives. Once you have your photos, you can always choose and edit the best ones to show your clients.

Tips for shooting with aerial real estate photos with drones:

Make sure your battery is charged and your drone is in good working condition
Make sure you have enough storage space on the SD card to store all of your photos
Consider using a two to three-second delay before clicking the shutter button. This will ensure no shake from pressing and holding down the remote control or DSLR camera trigger.
Provide plenty of different shots so clients can choose their favorite angle for advertising purposes; don’t just provide one picture per property.
Take pictures with some distance between buildings–you’ll be able to see more details if you do!

Aerial Photogaphy

Aerial real estate photography has become increasingly popular as people demand better quality images than what’s available through traditional ground-level lenses. If you have been taking photographs for a while, you can take a shot at aerial photos with drones. Aerial images of properties are different from ground-level pictures because the perspective changes, and so does the composition. When taking aerial images, it’s essential to get many angles so clients will have plenty of options when choosing a shot for brochures or other advertising materials. Shooting from higher altitudes also creates beautiful perspectives for viewers who can see all around rather than just what is immediately in front of them.

So what are you waiting for! Go out there fly your drone to take awesome aerial photos.

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