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12 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Real Estate Photos

Photos are an essential part of marketing your real estate property. The photos you choose to use will significantly impact how many potential buyers see your real estate listing and call for a showing. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that photographers make when taking real estate photos. This article will discuss twelve common mistakes to avoid when taking real estate photos so you can take great pictures for your real estate listings!

Not Preparing For The Photoshoot

The quality of the photos you take in real estate photography will depend on how well prepared you are for the photoshoot. Preparing for a shoot includes scouting out the location of where you’ll be taking pictures beforehand to get an idea of lighting conditions and backgrounds and preparing the exterior and interior of the property for the photoshoot.

The following directions should be given to the homeowner:

  • Remove clutter from the yard and parking lot
  • Landscape the lawn
  • The bedroom, kitchen, living area, bathroom, and hallways must be clean and be clutter-free
  • Windows and walls must be cleaned

Picking The Wrong Time For The Photoshoot

Ideally, you should pick the timeframe of the photoshoot to take place when there is good natural light. Good photos require good lighting. Shooting in the evening or when it’s cloudy will not give you great images, even with flashes. Real estate photos should capture all the small details of the room so that prospective homebuyers can zoom in to see more features.

Not Allocating Enough Time For The Photoshoot

Taking great photos requires time. If you are shooting for someone else, you need to contact the homeowner and agree on a time. You need to take your time and not rush the photo shoot. Otherwise, you will regret not taking photos at the right angle or missing essential parts of the home.
If you’re on a tight schedule, it might not be feasible to do the photoshoot in one day. However, you could break up the shoot into two days if you need more time for each room of your house.

Forgetting To Check The Weather

The weather such as rain, cloudy day, wind, fog, and snow can disrupt the photoshoot, so before you go to the location, check the weather for that day. You can’t change the weather, so it is vital to make sure that you are prepared if you do decide to go ahead with the photo shoot.

Real estate photography

Not Bringing The Right Equipment

Photography requires the right equipment. If you forget your flash or tripod, you will not get the right shots. So, be sure to double-check your bag to see if all the required equipment is there.

Real estate photography camera

Not Using A Wide-angle Camera Lens

Wide-angle lenses are needed for capturing the whole room and showing details of your house. They also make furniture look more spacious! Any time you take a real estate photo, consider using a wide lens. A narrow or zoomed-in shot can distort an image by making it seem smaller than what it is, but with a wide-angle lens, this won’t happen.

Not Using A Wall-mount And Tripods

Some people think that the real estate photos taken in their house will be good enough without any additional help. However, if you want to capture all of your beautiful property’s features, it may require a little more than just natural light and you behind the camera. Wall mount and tripod give you stability, accuracy, and a wider angle, which will help you capture more of the subject and get undistorted images.

Real estate photography wall mount

Proper Composition

The composition of the real estate photo is critical. Before you take a picture, think about where your subject will be in the frame and how big it should look. Objects like people and cars should be used for scale so that buyers can judge the right size of things.

Underestimating Aerial Photos and Virtual Tours

Nowadays almost all real estate listings have aerial photos and virtual tours. It would be a mistake to think that you could market your listings just with regular photos. Drones photography is on the rise, and with a little training and the right drone you should give drone photography a shot as well. Virtual tours like Matterport are also trending, if you do not have the equipment for it you should consider hiring a professional real estate photographer who does.

Aerial Photography

Not Taking Enough Photos

You will not want to redo the photoshoot if you forget an essential part of the house or an angle that would be better. So it would be best if you took as many pictures as need, and from as many angles as required. Then, in post-processing, you can add touch-ups and choose the best ones.


Forgetting Twilight Photography

Photos that are taken at dusk and dawn add an artistic look to your property. The goal of such photos is to captivate the buyer and show the true potential of the property. So, do not forget to include a few twilight shots of the real estate property.

Real estate twilight photography

Do Not Forget Post Processing

Post-processing using image editing software like Photoshop is vital to get good quality photos. You can add some finishing touches to the pictures and choose which ones are best. The photographer should take care not to manipulate the objects in the photos, which must be accurate.


Great real estate photos are vital to market your real estate. Online real estate platforms such as Zillow and Redfin are a great way to put your home on the market, but they don’t do you much good if potential buyers can’t see your property’s features in good images. For prospective buyers to get a feel for the property, good photos must be taken that showcase the exterior of your home and its interior features. If you avoid the mistakes mentioned above, you will be able to shoot great real estate photos.


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